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For immediate release March 16, 2020


Dear customers, contacts and friends,

The health and safety of our staff, customers and colleagues remains our top priority during this period of uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  We have enacted our pandemic plan at all Multy Home locations, which remain open to provide continued service.

We are working closely, monitoring the situation and are following best practices recommended by local and international authorities to minimize the risk of exposure, while ensuring that service to our customers remain uninterrupted to the best of our ability.  Our sales teams are working very closely with our customers and supply chain to keep them updated.

Below are some measures we have implemented within our offices, manufacturing and distribution centers:

Sanitation:  Sanitation supplies have been placed at every work station within manufacturing and distribution, and we have increased sanitation throughout all buildings.  All employees are trained, visual aids are in place, and task force monitors assigned to ensure new stringent protocols are actively followed.

Hygiene: We have implemented best practices with respect to hand washing and personal protection. We have distributed resources and marketing material throughout our facilities with instructions on proper hand washing techniques, sneezing and coughing etiquette. We strongly encourage everyone to follow stringent personal hygiene guidelines.


Social Distancing: All non-essential external visitors are required to use technology to communicate with staff rather than meeting in person. All staff have been trained in the 8-foot distance rule and we have adjusted break times to limit contact. All group meetings have been suspended and our distribution centers are limiting contact with external drivers and couriers while still delivering on our commitments. We have also enacted a work from home policy where possible.


Business Continuity: We have put measures in place to ensure that we have access to all our critical systems in order to serve our customers effectively and efficiently. We have reassigned teams, divided key resources at separate locations, enacted a work from home policy and expanded our capabilities in light of the current crisis. We are employing additional precautions to protect employees while managing production needs. We will expand and accelerate these efforts and work with our customers as they too deal with this unprecedented situation.


Travel, Events and Meetings: All travel and events have been suspended until further notice. We encourage the use of video/telephone conferencing where possible. Strict travel and building entry protocols are in place with all staff and visitors.


Training: Throughout the past 3 weeks we have been providing updates, communications and training throughout our organization to ensure we are doing our part in limiting the exposure to our community and protecting our employees. The Health, Safety and wellbeing of our staff is paramount.


We continue to monitor, evaluate and respond to this situation as it progresses, and will take all necessary precautions to safeguard our employees, customers, visitors and the communities in which we live and work. This is a difficult situation for all of us, and while we anticipate some business interruption, rest assured we are doing everything possible to minimize the disruption to our employees and customers.

The situation is evolving hourly and so are we. We will continue to keep updating all our business partners as our plans adjust in accordance with information and guidance from our public officials.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we are responding to the outbreak, or how this will impact your business, please reach out to me or your business partner at Multy Home.


Best regards,


Derek Erdman
President, Multy Home LP

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